Who Founded Maine?

Maine was founded by Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Captain John Mason in 1629. The men divided a tract of land granted to them, naming one half New Hampshire and the other Maine. On March 15, 1820, Maine gained statehood.

Sir Ferdinando Gorges ruled over Maine until he died in 1647. While his rule was for the sake of profit and trade rather than religion as with the other colonies, his son did not have much interest in ruling. When Gorges' grandson took over, he sold his rights to the state of Maine to Massachusetts. Maine remained a part of Massachusetts until it gained statehood in 1820.

The state of Maine is steeped in history, and one historical fact is that it is home to the first chartered city in America. Agamenticus was chartered in 1641, renamed to Gorgeana in 1642 and was incorporated as the first city. However, when southwestern Maine was annexed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1652, this city was renamed as York.

Maine is known for blueberries, lobsters and its rocky coastline. While lobsters are considered to be a delicacy today, during the colonial era they were commonly fed to inmates and servants, or ground up and used as fertilizer.