How Do Foreigners in Canada Find Jobs?


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Foreigners in Canada can find jobs through job fairs, the classifieds section of the newspaper, company websites, employment agencies or networking to make contacts. Obtaining a Social Insurance Number is the first step for foreigners who want to find work within the country.

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Job Bank, a job data base serviced by the Canadian Government, adds up to 2,000 new jobs daily. Job seekers' English or French skills need to be good to pass the job search process, as most employers expect to be able to communicate with their employees in one of these two languages. An attractive resume is another important part of the job search. To build job skills, a job seeker should consider participating in an internship program or volunteering with an organization. An internship program may lead to a job offer if the intern has demonstrated an aptitude for the work.

An important aspect of finding a job is education. Career workshops and professional certification programs are excellent ways to upgrade professional qualifications as well as networking with like-minded individuals. Contacting an immigrant-serving organization can be helpful for immigrants who are new to the country. Individuals can also start their own businesses.

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