What Foods Do They Eat in Argentina?


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Beef and dairy dishes are dominate in Argentinean cuisine. Cows are essential to the economy and heritage of Argentina, and that importance translates into the cuisine.

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Asada is a very popular dish in Argentina. It is essentially meat grilled on an open fire, and the dish is very closely connected to the gauchos who were responsible for driving cattle. Grilling food is a very big tradition in Argentina. There, not only meat but stews and other dishes are also cooked on a grill. Sausage and other cuts of meat are also predominant in the cuisine of Argentina. In Argentina, dairy products such as dulche de leche, which is a sweetened condensed milk, and provoleta, a cheese very similar to provolone, are very popular. Another dish for which the country is known is chimichurri, a condiment that is usually served over meat. Chimichurri is made from oregano, garlic, olive oil and other spices. It is known for its bright green color. Yerba Mate tea is not only a popular beverage in Argentina, it is the core of social custom. The tea is served in cups, but it is characteristically served in gourds with a metal straw. Often, several people will share a single gourd of tea.

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