What Food Do They Eat in Portugal?

food-eat-portugal Credit: VIUDeepBay/CC-BY 2.0

Portuguese cuisine varies significantly based on region, but fresh fish and shellfish are major staples all over the country. Pork is also very popular and is used to make many dishes, including ham and dry-cured sausages. Egg-based dishes are regularly prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but especially for dessert.

Many fish dishes are offered in Portugal, but the national dish, according to Go Lisbon, is bacalhau, which is a dried, salted cod. The balcahau can be cooked in hundreds of ways, and each region has its own special way of preparing it. In Porto, for example, balcahau is often served with potatoes, onions and cooked eggs. Sea bass, sardines, octopus and stuffed squid dishes are also popular.

Some pork dishes served widely throughout Portugal include roasted suckling pig and a stew dish called cozido a Portuguesa, which features a variety of Portuguese pork sausages, beef, potatoes, vegetables and rice. Common egg dishes in Portugal include eggs poached in creamy stews known as acordas, fried eggs served on top of steaks, and savory baked eggs. Egg-based desserts include pastel de nata, an egg custard pastry; ovos moles, which are sweetened egg-yolks encased in sugar; and pao de lao, a popular sponge cake made with a lot of eggs.