What Flowers Grow in Italy?

flowers-grow-italy Credit: Carlina Teteris/Moment/Getty Images

Some of the most popular flowers to grow in Italy include Jasmine, Oleander, Aster Alpinus, Bougainvillea, Cornflower and Periwinkle. Flowers are highly valued in Italy for ornamentation in the interior and exterior of homes and other places.

The flowers that are the most popular to give to others in Italy are the Orange Tree flower, the violet, the white lily, and pink, yellow and white roses. It is important to avoid giving chrysanthemums to anyone in Italy because they are seen as a symbol for mourning and funerals. On birthdays especially, edible and handcrafted Italian confetti flowers are given to individuals. Flowers are typically grown on balconies in Italy, and gardens are reserved mostly for vegetables. This gives the exterior of houses a beautiful appearance.

The symbolic flower for Italy is the rose. The white lily is the religious symbolic flower of the country, and the violet is considered another symbolic flower of Italy.