What Flights Does Volaris Offer to the U.S.?

Volaris flies from a number of airports in Mexico to 20 US cities, as of July 2015, including Chicago, Miami and New York to the East, and Portland and San Diego in the West. Volaris also flies to Puerto Rico, Guatemala and, as of 10 September 2015, Costa Rica.

To view the list of airports used by Volaris, visit Volaris.com, mouse over Travel With Volaris and navigate to Complete Timetable Of Our Flights under Flight Information. Click on the plus sign beside the first box under Where Do We Fly? to view all Volaris departure airports listed under the different countries in alphabetical order. Click an airport to enter it in the departure box and click on the plus sign in the next box to view a list of destination airports.

Volaris.com also has an interactive map showing the various flight routes. Mouse over Travel With Volaris and navigate to All of the Cities You Can Reach With Volaris under Our Destinations. Mouse over any of the cities on the map to view the airports it flies to. Click on a departure airport and then click on a destination airport to view the various flights available. The map shows direct flights in green and flights with connections in blue.