How Do You Find the Flight Paths for Commercial Airlines?


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To find the flight path for a specific flight, use flightstats.com; it provides comprehensive stats for all commercial United States flights and many international flights. To see all United States flights at once, use the Animated Atlas page Air Traffic over North America, which has several animations showing different types of planes across various regions over a 24-hour period.

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Flightstats.com contains comprehensive information on flights and airports, and it provides several ways to access this information. Find a specific flight using a flight number or by searching the database of departures and destinations. After choosing a specific flight, you can view real-time information including latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, bearing, distance to destination and distance from departure. The site also displays scheduled and actual departure times and scheduled and estimated arrival times.

The Animated Atlas provides more general information. The site features several animations of North American flight activity over 24 hours, and it sells DVDs with many more high quality animations. The animations depict air traffic as time lapses that were all captured between 2003 and 2007. Each frame of the animation represents one minute of real time, creating a total of 49 seconds of footage and 1440 frames per animation.

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