How Do You Find Flight Arrivals for Terminal 3 at the Heathrow Airport?

How Do You Find Flight Arrivals for Terminal 3 at the Heathrow Airport?

Terminal 3 flight arrival information is available on the Heathrow Airport website. The site features live status updates for all terminals, and it is also possible to view the previous day's and next day's flights. For other general information, including flight updates and navigation information, the official Heathrow Airport app is available.

Flights are constantly landing at all of Heathrow's terminals, and the website shows all arriving flights at all terminals by default. The Flights In drop-down menu allows the user to choose information for an individual terminal.

The default view for arrivals is by scheduled time, but by using the Sort by drop-down menu, users can also view flights by flight number, status, or the airport they are arriving from. This is useful if the flight in question is not due to arrive for some time. Further information is available by choosing the next day or previous day's flights.

For those with iPhones, the official Heathrow Airport app features live flight tracking and status updates. It has received mixed reviews on the iTunes store.

Heathrow Terminal 3 mainly caters to long-haul flights. It is the U.K. hub for American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. In 2012, 18.4 million passengers passed through the terminal, making it the second-busiest terminal at Heathrow.