How Do You View Flight Arrival Times for the Calgary Airport?


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To view flight arrival times for the Calgary Airport, go to the "Traveller Info" tab on the Calgary Airport Authority website. Scroll to "Flight Information" and select "Arrivals." Search for a particular flight, or browse through the flights listed on the Arrivals screen.

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How Do You View Flight Arrival Times for the Calgary Airport?
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The Arrivals screen lists all flights coming into the Calgary Airport in chronological order from earliest to latest for the current day. Click the "Go to Current Time" link at the top of the list to skip past flights that have already arrived.

The Arrivals list includes columns for airline, flight number, departure airport, gate, scheduled arrival time and each flight's current status. The Status column displays "Arrived" along with the actual time of arrival for flights that have already landed. For flights that haven't arrived yet, the column displays "Updated" and the time the flight is expected to land. Cancelled flights appear in the list with a red background across the row with the flight information.

The Arrivals page includes a search area at the top for travelers who know specific flight information. The search options include flight number, arrival date and time, airline, departure city and status. Select the desired search criteria and click "Reload" to get a list of matching flights.

Most airlines also have the option of searching for flights to see the current status. If you know the airline, visit the website and go to the flight status page. Use search criteria to find the flight to determine when the flight lands at the Calgary Airport.

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