What Are the Five Regions of the United States?

paul bica/CC-BY 2.0

The five regions of the United States are the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West and the Southwest. Each region has various English dialects. Each state in each region has its own government, and some religions are more prominent in some regions than in others. Wildlife and landforms are one of the separating factors between the regions.

The Northeast region is the oldest in American history. Playing an important role in the country’s economics and culture into the 19th century, this region was where the American Revolution took place. The Southeast region is also called the South. Its states enjoy beaches, and the minimal amount of frost and cold weather allows crops to grow nearly year round.

The Midwest is where most of the grain crops are grown, and this area is frequently referred to as the bread basket of America. The West region of the United States boast mountainous regions, and much of the land is owned by the federal government. California is in this region, and it is here that the various gold rushes took place. The Southeast is the desert region of the country, but the population is growing rapidly, with Arizona seeing the highest amount of growth.