How Do You Fill Out a Student Visa Application?


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Specific requirements for receiving and filling out a student visa application vary by country. Generally, in most circumstances, the application may be filled out either online on the official government website or mailed to the official government office for processing visas. Often, a student visa application additionally requires supporting documentation, an application fee and, occasionally, an interview.

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To apply for a student visa, or F visa, in the United States of America, an applicant may fill out the non-immigrant visa application digitally and schedule a visa interview through the U.S. Department of State website. The applicant must also upload an appropriate photo with her application. The applicant must then attend the interview with the confirmation page from her completed application as well as her passport from her country of origin and a certificate of eligibility for the visa provided by her university or school.

Requirements for other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, are similar. A U.K. student visa applicant may fill out and pay the fee online, and an interview is not always required. Additionally, an applicant aged 16 or over may have to take an English language proficiency exam in addition to filling out her application and providing supporting documentation. An applicant for a Australian student visa may also fill out an application online.

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