What Are Some Features of Show My Street?


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Show My Street is a website that allows users to type in a street address and see photos of the location as seen from the street and from above. The website uses Google Maps satellite and street view functions to provide images.

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In order to view images of your desired location, type the nearest address into the search bar located in the information box at the top of the screen. Show My Street auto-suggest your location as you type. When your location appears on the screen you can click on the image to move around or click and drag to rotate your view. You may also use your arrow keys to navigate.

The website also offers an image of your location as seen from above in the box on the top right of the screen. Clicking on the arrow in the bottom left of this box toggles the main screen between map view and street view. Zoom in and out on the image by using the slider on the top left of the screen. Show My Street also allows users to share their images and locations on social media using the link under "Share this view" in the address box.

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