What Are Some Features of Philadelphia International Airport?

Some features of Philadelphia International Airport include shops, restaurants, spas, a children's play area and bicycle and vehicle parking. Philadelphia International Airport is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley region and the state, notes PHL.org.

Philadelphia International Airport has seven terminals dedicated to serving travelers. As of 2015 there are over 160 national and local shops spread throughout the terminals that stock a variety of products including watches, jewelry, drinks and toiletries. In addition, the airport houses several retail outlets including The Gap and Brooks Brothers. The airport is home to a number of restaurants offering travelers and locals the opportunity to enjoy both local and foreign cuisines.

For travelers wishing to withdraw cash, there are several ATMs spread throughout the airport. The facility has an educational play area specially designed for children featuring a replica jumbo jet, control tower and tugboat.

Another feature of Philadelphia International Airport is the availability of spas. Individuals wishing to relax can pay a visit to any of the spas for massage services. The airport features 13 different Lost and Found locations in addition as of 2015, so any passenger who has lost an item can try tracking it through these kiosks and counters. The airport also features a cell phone waiting lot with flight-information displays and bright lighting.