What Are Some Features on a Map of Italy?


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A map of Italy may contain features such as Italy's shape, main cities, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and surrounding seas. A physical map of Italy may show elevations of significant mountains and their ranges. A political map of Italy focuses on its borders and neighbors.

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What Are Some Features on a Map of Italy?
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One of the main features a map of Italy shows is its distinct boot shape stretching out from the mainland. A map of the nation also shows that the “boot” is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and the Ligurian Sea. In addition, Italy's islands, Sicily and Sardinia, are geographical features of Italy. Other features include Italy's largest cities, such as Rome, Naples and Genoa, and rivers, such as the Agri and Piave. Italy's largest lake, known as Lake Garda, often appears on maps of Italy.

A physical map of Italy shows the Apennines mountain range, which runs the length of the country, and the Alps. The largest of Italy's mountains -- Mount Blanc, at 15,782 feet, and Gran Paradiso, at 13,323 feet -- are significant geographical features. Italy's bordering neighbors of France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City are prominent on political maps of the country. These maps may also feature Italy's major airports, roads and railroads.

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