What Are Some Features of the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Philadelphia?


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The Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Philadelphia is a Catholic cemetery that offers burial services, including entombment and cremation. The cemetery predominantly makes use of flat grave markers, but has special sections reserved for upright monuments, according to certain regulations.

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At the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Philadelphia, the burial of Non-Catholics is only allowed if the person in question is related to a member of the archdioceses. Individuals who aren't family members of the burial plot holder can be buried only if all blood heirs grant permission.

The cemetery lets families bury the deceased in caskets underground or entomb their remains in a community mausoleum. In some cases, the cemetery allows its patrons to construct family mausoleums on the premises.

Whether a family chooses a flat grave marker or an upright one, the cemetery obliges the family to prominently display a Christian symbol. The cemetery sells various memorials and grave markers on-site. The burial plot's holder is responsible for keeping the grave marker clean and well-maintained; the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery can remove memorials that are unsightly or in poor enough condition to threaten the safety of cemetery visitors or staff. The cemetery only allows for temporary decorations to be placed next to burial sites on-premises.

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