What Is the Fastest Way to Get a U.S. Passport Renewed?

The fastest way to get a U.S. passport renewed is to call the National Passport Information Center and set up an appointment at a passport agency, as of 2015. These locations charge the standard passport renewal fee and the expedited fee. Some locations also require the applicant to demonstrate a need for immediate service, such as international travel plans within two weeks or the need for a foreign visa within four weeks.

Passport agencies usually only accept applications from people who schedule appointments in advance. Each applicant must follow all of the agency's instructions and bring the necessary documents, or the agency cannot accept the application.

Other passport renewal options include routine and expedited service. If the applicant chooses routine service, the U.S. Department of State processes the application within four to six weeks of its submission. If the applicant chooses expedited service, the department processes the application within eight days of receiving it. For expedited service with two-way express delivery, the entire process typically takes three weeks or less.

The U.S. Department of State provides passport application statuses online. This service is typically available within five to seven days of the application's submission, although this varies depending on the type of service selected.