How Do You Find Fares for Bereavement Flights?

How Do You Find Fares for Bereavement Flights?

Passengers in search of bereavement fares for flights should check with airlines to see if they offer bereavement discounts and look online for special fares or last-minute deals. Bereavement fares are typically 50 percent off the highest unrestricted fare at the time and are can only be used if the deceased is an immediate family member. Passengers may find less expensive fares using other discount methods, notes Smarter Travel and Cheap Tickets.

Use the following steps to search for bereavement fares and other discounted fares for bereavement travel.

  1. Contact the airlines
  2. Contact a couple of airlines to find out whether they offer bereavement fares and the details of their policy. For example, Delta Air Lines waives service fees on bereavement fares, so passengers have the flexibility to change travel plans, if needed.

  3. Check for online-only or time-sensitive deals
  4. Many airlines offer limited time promotions and deals to customers who reserve tickets online. Check to see if these deals are being offered and whether they are less expensive than the bereavement fare.

  5. Look for last-minute or package deals
  6. Some airlines offer discounts on last-minute purchases and on packages that include a hotel and rental car. Check to see if these deals are less expensive.

  7. Compare prices
  8. Compare the prices of all available options to determine which one offers the best deal and the best time for the desired travel. In some cases, it may not be the bereavement fare.