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The Tibetan Plateau and the Deccan Plateau are two famous plateaus in the world while the Columbia Plateau and the Colorado Plateau are two famous plateaus in the United States. The Tibetan Plateau is famous as the world's highest and biggest plateau. The Colorado is widely admired for its Grand Canyon. The Columbia Plateau and the Deccan Plateau are mostly famous for their basalt lava coatings.

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The Tibetan Plateau in East Asia is the highest and biggest plateau on Earth. About 55 million years ago, two tectonic plates collided and formed the plateau. The seam of the collision is now the Himalaya mountain range. At the average, the plateau is 15,750 feet above sea level, which explains its the "Roof of the World" name. The distance from north to south of the plateau is 620 miles, and the east-to-west distance is 1240 miles. There are some endangered species living in the plateau, including Tibetan and Saiga antelopes, wild yak and argali sheep.

The Columbia Plateau in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the Deccan Plateau of west-central India were both formed as the result of volcanic eruptions. Repeated lava flows that spill out from cracks in the ground spread out to coat the surface and slowly build up the plateaus.

The Colorado Plateau is the largest plateau in America. Geologists believe that the plateau may have its final lift from magma beginning about ten million years ago. Over the centuries, the Colorado River has kept caving the plateau, leading to the formation of the famous majestic Grand Canyon.

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