What Are Some Famous Old Abandoned Mansions?


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Bannerman Castle, Bellosguardo and the Carleton Villa are some famous old abandoned mansions in the United States. Many of the mansions have mysterious histories and odd reasons for abandonment by their owners.

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Bannerman Island, New York, is home to the Bannerman Castle. Francis Bannerman was a Scottish immigrant who made his fortune selling military surplus goods. He bought the island and built his castle around 1900, but shortly after his death in 1918, 200 tons of ammunition stored in the home exploded, causing significant damage. The only ferry servicing the island sank in a storm in 1950, and the island has been abandoned ever since.

Bellosguardo is just one of three mansions abandoned by American heiress Huguette Clark. The massive mansion overlooks the Pacific Ocean and was the subject of the best-selling book "Empty Mansions."

Typewriter magnate William Wyckoff built his Carleton Villa in 1894. A month before moving in, his wife died of a heart attack. Wyckoff himself succumbed to a heart attack the first night he slept in the mansion.

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