What Are Some Famous Landmarks in Sweden?

Some of the most well-known landmarks in Sweden are government buildings, including Stockholm City Hall, the Parliament Building and Town Hall. A number of castles, palaces and museums are also famous landmarks.

With a stately design, the Stockholm City Hall building is a top landmark for tourists. Also referred to as Riksdagshuset, the Parliament Building is large and easily recognizable. The Town Hall building has a unique construction and provides picturesque views of Stockholm.

Drottningholm Palace, Borgholm Castle and Kalmar Castle are some of the most prominent historical landmarks in Sweden. A royal palace maintained for centuries, Drottningholm Palace is listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. A landmark and popular tourist attraction, Borgholm Castle draws visitors who are interested in medieval ruins. Built in the 12th century, the striking architecture of Kalmar Castle makes it an easy landmark to notice.

Museum landmarks in Sweden include Vasa Museum, Hallwyl Museum and Vitlycke Museum. The Vasa Museum houses the only 17th century warship that is still in existence. Exploring the history of life in Stockholm, the palatial-style architecture of the Hallwyl Museum makes it an eye-catching marker. Offering exhibits that showcase Bronze Age history and culture, the Vitlycke Museum is another museum landmark.