What Famous Hotels Have Closed Permanently?

As of 2015, some famous hotels that have closed permanently include Grossinger's Catskill Resort, The Grand Hotel, The White Pines, Polissya Hotel and Lake Mead Lodge, notes Weather.com. Many of these hotels have been neglected since their closing. Photographers who visit the buildings can see ruins that have been overtaken by nature.

Grossinger's Catskill Resort in New York is known for inspiring the setting of the film "Dirty Dancing." It is also famous for being the first location of artificial snow for skiers in the United States. The hotel was abandoned in 1986.

Kupari, Croatia's Grand Hotel has been abandoned since the 1990s. It was once a famous getaway for high-ranking officers in the Yugoslav People's Army.

The White Pines is the pseudonym for a resort in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. It is known for being a summer hotel for early 20th century garment workers. Its real name is kept secret to protect the location from onlookers.

Polissya Hotel was once one of the tallest buildings in Pripyat, Ukraine. It is known for its location near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The entire city was evacuated on April 26, 1986 and since then has been a ghost town.

Lake Mead Lodge in Nevada is famous for playing a major role in the development of tourism to the area. It was the first hotel built on Lake Mead. After Lake Mead Marina was moved, the number of guests dropped and the hotel closed in 2009.