What Are Some Family Traditions in Barbados?


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Family traditions in Barbados include playing road tennis and dominoes, eating pudding and souse for Saturday lunch, and attending a church service and strolling through Queens Park on Christmas Day. Barbados family traditions are influenced by West African and British cultures.

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Road tennis originated in Barbados in the 1930s. The sport attracts players of all ages, and families frequently play in bare feet on residential streets. Dominoes is also a popular game in Barbados, and families play the game while discussing the day's events.

Pudding and souse is the traditional family Saturday lunch. Pudding is a steamed sweet potato, and souse is pickled pork.

Families traditionally spend Christmas Day together in Barbados. They clean the house and hang new curtains. Traditional Christmas foods include baked ham, jug-jug, and rich cake made with a variety of fruits, spices and rum.

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