How Do You Explore a Location Using Google Street View?


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To explore a location using Google Street View, visit Google.com/Maps, enter the location's name and address in the search box, and click on Street View to open an interactive street scene. Click on the street, or use the compass tool in the lower right-hand corner to explore the area.

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To use the compass tool, click on the small arrows in the compass to rotate the scene through 360 degrees. Click on the plus sign beneath the compass to zoom in for a closer view of a particular building or area, and click on the minus sign to zoom out again.

To move along the street in either direction, use the compass to face the right direction and mouse over the street to pick up an arrow sign. Click on and release the arrow to move along the street in short bursts, and either use the compass to survey the area each time you stop or click, hold and move the scene to gain different views. If you overshoot a particular building or miss a turn, hold down the arrow and drag it to change direction, or use the compass to rotate the scene through 180 degrees, and return along the street using the arrow.

Street View provides a view of a street and its immediate surroundings filmed by a Google camera as it traveled along the street on a specific date. A film strip at the foot of the page displays additional user-generated photos of the area.

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