What Are Some of the Exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta?

Exhibits at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, include the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest, the Ocean Voyager and the Tropical Diver. The aquarium is open daily, but opening hours vary throughout the year.

The Georgia Pacific Cold Water Quest features marine life that lives in the coldest regions of the world's oceans. As of 2015, visitor favorites include three white beluga whales: Grayson, Qinu and Maris. The African penguin exhibit includes nesting sites on a realistic rock face and various tunnels for the penguins to swim through. Other animals in the exhibit include sea otters in a realistic kelp forest, weedy sea dragons, which are a type of seahorse, Garibaldi damsel fish and long-legged Japanese spider crabs.

The Ocean Voyager is a habitat for whale sharks and manta rays. Both whale sharks and manta rays are the largest of their species, but both eat plankton and other tiny life forms and are harmless to humans. The animals are joined by giant groupers and several smaller shark species. An interesting way to view the exhibit is to walk the 100-foot long underwater tunnel that goes right through the tank.

The Tropical Diver exhibit showcases warm water species, such as garden eels that burrow in the sand and pop up to catch food. Seahorses, tropical reef fish and a realistic Pacific coral reef complete with wave action are on display.