What Are Some Exhibits at the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida?


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Exhibits at Florida's Clearwater Marine Aquarium include the Winter Zone, Dolphin Terrace, Rufus Beach, Otter Oasis and Turtle Bayou, as of 2015. Hands-on exhibits include the Sea Cavern and Education Station. The Winter's Dolphin Tale Adventure exhibit includes information about the movie "Dolphin Tale," which was filmed at the aquarium.

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The Winter Zone is home to Winter and Hope, two rescued Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Winter is the real-life inspiration for the film "Dolphin Tale" and wears a prosthetic tail after losing hers in a fishing net. Dolphin Terrace is where the only male dolphin, Nicolas, lives; the terrace was also used in the film.

Rufus Beach is home to African Great White Pelicans Ricky and Lucky, who both played Rufus in the film. North American river otters Walle, Cooper and Oscar live at Otter Oasis, an enclosure with a sandy beach, pool and lots of toys. Turtle Bayou is home to rescued sea turtles, including full-time residents Titus, Ula and Cupid.

Education Station is kid-oriented and includes interactive exhibits, small aquariums with local animal species and a small theater. The Sea Cavern looks into the Shark Tank exhibit and also has some local marine species in touch tanks. The Winter's Dolphin Tale Adventure includes stills and clips from "Dolphin Tale" as well as donated props from Alcon Entertainment.

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