What Are Some Exhibits at the Children's Museum of Atlanta?

As of October 2015, current exhibits at the Children's Museum of Atlanta include Fundamentally Food, Let Your Creativity Flow, Step Up to Science and Gateway to the World. Most exhibits are suggested as suitable for ages six months to nine years.

The Fundamentally Food exhibit has several interactive areas such as a farm where children can gather eggs, a grocery store where they can shop, a delivery truck they can pretend to drive and a diner area where they can play chef. The Let Your Creativity Flow exhibit has a display of artwork and music from around the world, a wall for children to paint on, a moon sand play table and a stage area that is complete with dress-up costumes and props.

Step Up to Science includes three activity stations to help kids explore the human body, a science bar where they can participate in hands-on demonstrations, a laser maze and a state-of-the art interactive robotics area. Gateway to the World has interactive continent tables that help children learn about world geography, climate and animal life, a globe climbing structure that allows children to explore the layers of the Earth, and a station where they can design and launch their own rockets.