What Are Some Exciting Tourist Attractions in Oslo, Norway?


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Some exciting tourist attractions in Oslo, Norway, include the Akershus Fortress, Viking Ship Museum, Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park and Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Tourists can also explore the natural attractions of Oslo from the Oslofjord to Sognsvann Lake.

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Tourists can delve into the history and culture of Norway at Oslo museums. For instance, the Viking Ship Museum focuses on the Vikings of the 800s. Not only are ancient ships on display, but so are old horse carts and tools. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History also offers insight into Norway's past. This open-air museum contains over 150 historic Norwegian buildings. The Gol Stave Church at the museum dates back to the 1200s, and Old Town dates to the 1600s. There are also more modern buildings such as a traditional 1950s farm.

Some other exciting attractions include the fjord, lakes and rivers of Oslo. The Oslofjord contains dozens of islands as well as picturesque waters against the city's green rolling hills. Tourists can hop on a ferry or take a cruise on the fjord. They can visit the numerous islands dotting the fjord, stroll along the beaches and swim. The city also boasts other gardens and parks as well as Sognsvann Lake. The Oslomarka area boasts trails for both hikers and skiers to enjoy.

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