What Are Some Examples of Constellation Cruise Ship Deck Plans?


As of 2015, the Celebrity cruise ship Constellation has 11 passenger decks holding 1,059 staterooms, eight restaurants or food bars, 10 lounges and pubs, three swimming pools, six hot tubs and 10 elevators. Staterooms and passenger entertainment and dining areas often share the same deck.

Deck 2, the lowest deck, is staterooms only. Deck 3 has more staterooms, the Ocean Liners Restaurant, Celebrity Theater and the Grand Foyer.The concierge and guest relations offices are in this area.

Deck 4 has no staterooms. This is an entertainment deck housing the San Marco Restaurant, the Captain's Club private lounge and several bars. The second level of the Celebrity Theater is accessed from this deck. Deck 5 is also an entertainment deck, with access to the third tier of the Celebrity Theater, the second floor of the San Marco Restaurant, lounges, boutiques and an art gallery.

Decks 6 through 9 are stateroom decks. Deck 10 is a recreation deck, offering a fitness center, sauna, spa, outdoor pool and an indoor adult pool called the Solarium. Two health-conscious eateries are on this deck

Deck 11 has a few staterooms on the aft part of the ship but is mostly a recreation area. A jogging track, the Fun Factory and the X Club, play areas for younger cruisers, and lounge chairs are available. The Reflections Lounge, the Mast Bar and Tuscan Grille are on this level. The only part of Deck 12 available to the public is the basketball court, located mid-ship.