What Are Examples of African Grasslands?


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The Southern African Bushveld and the Serengeti are primary examples of African grasslands. In general, grasslands in the African continent are referred to as "savannas" and "velds."

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Depending on the region, grasslands go by a variety of names: "llanos," "pampas" and "cerrados" in South America, "rangelands" in Australia, "prairies" in North America and "steppes" in Asia. Grasslands form when environmental conditions are insufficient to support either a forest ecosystem or a desert-like community.

The Serengeti lies in Eastern Africa, just south of the equator. Its expansive plains that encompass approximately 12,000 square miles are home to an annual migration of Africa's blue wildebeests, zebras and Thomson's gazelles.

The Southern African Bushveld covers an area of around 86,000 square miles, which account for 54 percent of the entire southern African region. In terms of biodiversity, the Bushveld contains a limited number of native species.

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