What Is an Example Packing Checklist for Travel?

A good packing checklist for travel includes a rundown of climate-appropriate clothing, outerwear, underwear and shoes, in addition to a listing of necessary travel and reservation documents, toiletries and medications. Deciding how much of these items to pack is subject to the length of trip and travel restrictions.

When packing for a trip, it is important to consider what type of clothing is most appropriate for the climate and atmosphere. Airline or cruise restrictions on luggage should also be considered. Travel expert Rick Steeves recommends five shirts, two pairs of bottoms, five sets of underwear and socks, and two pairs of well-broken-in shoes, one of which should be a pair of comfortable walking shoes. For sleeping, he recommends comfortable street clothes that can also be worn as clothing during the day. For warm weather climates, a swimsuit should be included on the packing list.

It's also important to pack appropriate outerwear for the destination. A sweater or jacket is a good idea for warmer climates that may have cooler mornings and evenings, while coats for cold weather climates and rain gear for wet climates is essential. If necessary, include one dressy or formal outfit. Although clothes are important inclusions when packing, travel documents, including passports and anything containing important reservation information, should also be included on a packing list. Any guidebooks that travelers have found particularly useful in planning their trips should also be included. Finally, it is important to remember toiletries and medications.