What Is Ethiopia Famous For?

Ethiopia is famous for being the home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including several natural and wildlife preserves as well as the rock churches of Lalibela. The Blue Nile also flows through Ethiopia. Ethiopia is also presumed by some scholars as the home of the Queen of Sheba.

The rock churches of Lalibela are monuments carved into the ground from single pieces of rock. Scholarly theory and legend pinpoint one of the churches as the tomb of King Lalibela, for whom they are named, and another as the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ethiopian countryside is also punctuated by a vast array of geological formations that include mountains and savannahs. An array of wildlife call these areas home and can be viewed as part of organized safaris.

Omo National Park is home to what is known throughout Africa as "the big five": elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and rhinoceros as well as zebra and hundreds of different species of birds. The Blue Nile feeds Laka Tana, which is the largest lake in Ethiopia. The monasteries that populate the banks of the lake house priceless works of art, although women are not permitted to enter many of them.