What Are Some Essential Items for a Vacation Checklist?


Five essential items to include on a vacation checklist are cash, any needed medications, a guidebook, an ID or passport for international travel, and crucial toiletries. Other items should also be included depending on travel circumstances and personal preferences.

Toiletries to add to the list include a toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, soaps, deodorant and contact lens supplies if worn. Packing items containing liquids in plastic bags prevents them from leaking. Necessary clothing items should be chosen according to the travel destination. Most travel destinations require packing a jacket, something for rain or other weather conditions, socks, shoes and undergarments.

If electronic devices are on the packing list, chargers must also be included on the list. If travel is to a non-English speaking country, a phrasebook can aid in communication. Anyone taking a long flight may want a travel pillow, earplugs and a face mask, as well as a book or some sort of activity for the plane. A person interested in documenting her trip may want to add a camera and travel journal to the list.

Taking a photograph of all of items during packing helps with recovery if they are lost or stolen. In particular, photos of passports and other travel documents are good to have on hand.