What Are Some Essential Items to Bring on a Cruise?


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Essential items to take on a cruise include sun protection, an emergency medicine kit and antibacterial wipes. Electronic items include a power strip with surge protector, a thumb drive and extra batteries and chargers.

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Dry bags are used by professional photographers to keep their equipment dry and can be useful for day excursions during a cruise. Made out of waterproof material, dry bags are airtight and are available at most outdoor or camping stores.

A flexible tripod can help capture group or family photos. It can also be connected to a tablet, set on a table and used to watch a movie.

It is essential to include over-the-counter medicines in an emergency medicine kit, such as aspirin, medicine for seasickness and diarrhea medicines. Antibacterial wipes are helpful in reducing chances of getting the norovirus, a virus sometimes common on cruise ships. While most ships have antibacterial wipes and gel dispenser available, it is helpful to pack extra wipes and gel.

Another essential item is a nightlight. Cruise cabins often have blackout drapes and can be quite dark when the lights are turned out. A nightlight placed in a cabin restroom can make it easier and safer to navigate in the middle of the night.

Finally, a corkscrew and bottle opener can also be useful. These items must be packed in the checked luggage and not included in a carry-on or they will be confiscated by airport security. Most cruise cabins do not include these items, making them an essential to pack if bringing a bottle of wine along from home.

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