Why Are EQAO Test Scores Important for Students in Ontario?


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The scores resulting from EQAO, or Education Quality and Accountability Office, testing provide a level of accountability in the publicly funded Ontario school system while also offering feedback on the level of efficacy of the school system at the teacher, principal, school board and provincial level. EQAO standardized testing evaluates students' competency in the subjects of math, writing and reading. These subjects are tested based on Ontario's curriculum expectations.

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EQAO testing can be used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the Ontario public school system. By seeing weaknesses in certain subject areas, administrators, teachers, parents and students can easily understand which areas require improvement. These improvements can be required at the student, school, school board and provincial levels.

EQAO also provides tools and resources for schools to improve the level of teaching and absorption of educational materials. EQAO distributes these test scores to individual students so that they and their parents can view their progress and competency. School, school district and provincial-level scoring can also be viewed on EQAO's website. By viewing these statistics, teachers, principals and school board members can see how effective the current teaching methods and standards are for students in the public school system.

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