What Is the Elevation in Vail, Colorado?

The city of Vail, Colorado, has an average elevation of 8,022 feet above sea level. Nearby ski resorts have a much higher elevation, including the Vail Mountain Resort, which has a summit elevation of 11,570 feet.

Vail has an alpine/subarctic climate and its elevation results in warm summers and cold winters. Low temperatures rarely exceed the freezing point from late September to late May and the town receives an average of 200 inches of snowfall per season, with even more in the surrounding mountains.

As many as half the visitors from lower elevations experience some form of altitude illness. Most spontaneously resolve as the body acclimatizes to the higher elevation. The Vail Visitor’s Bureau recommends rest, hydration, avoidance of alcohol, and light activity to combat the symptoms of altitude sickness. These symptoms are often worse the second day at altitude but resolve after four to five days.