What Is the Elevation of Truckee, California?


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The elevation of Truckee, California is 5,817 feet above sea level. Truckee, which began as a railroad town originally named Coburn Station, is an incorporated town in Nevada County, California.

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Truckee has often been recognized as the coldest spot in the nation due to the town's location and elevation. Truckee's cold season is unique, because low temperatures occur from June through early October. On clear nights, cool air from the high mountains sinks down into the valley, a high-elevation basin. The dense air mass settles into the basin, creating a chilled microclimate. As the sun begins to rise, so does the temperature, creating enviable summer and fall temperatures.

Truckee enjoys a relatively mild Mediterranean climate, featuring warm, dry summers with occasional periods of intense thunder storms, and cold wet winters. Truckee's location near the Sierra Nevada Crest creates conditions ripe for winter storms, which commonly deposit 3 feet of snow in a 24-hour storm event and two-to-three times that during the occasional week-long storm event.

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