What Is the Elevation of Mt. Hood?


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Mount Hood's official elevation has been set at various points throughout history. Modern sources point to three different heights: 11,249 feet (a 1991 measurement by the U.S. National Geodetic Survey), 11,240 feet (based on a 1993 scientific expedition), and 11,239 feet (a measurement of slightly older origin).

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What Is the Elevation of Mt. Hood?
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Mt. Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon, a prominent landmark visible up to 100 miles away, and the fourth highest in the string of Cascade Mountain Range volcanoes stretching from Mt. Garibaldi in British Columbia to Mt. Lassen in Northern California. Mt. Hood is a dormant or “sleeping” volcano, with steam constantly spewing from fumarole areas.

Mt. Hood is the second most climbed mountain in the world, second only to Japan’s Mt. Fuji. About 10,000 people attempt to climb Mount Hood each year, which has no trails to the summit.

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