What Does Egypt Use the Nile River For?

David Berkowitz/CC-BY 2.0

The Egyptians use the Nile River for many different things, but the main use of the river is transportation. There are various cities built along the river, making transportation of goods down the river by boat extremely convenient. Egyptians use the river like a highway for transporting materials.

Transporting goods isn’t the only thing the Egyptians use the Nile River for. The mud on the banks of the Nile River provided the Egyptians with mud that they utilize for building homes, buildings and general repair. Another important thing the Nile River has brought the Egyptians is fertile land. The flowing river creates soil full of nutrients that is utilized by the Egyptians for growing crops. Most of the Egyptian land consists of desert. Without the rich soil the Nile provides, Egyptians wouldn’t be able to grow their own crops, making their life in Egypt extremely difficult to endure. The Nile doesn’t provide Egyptians with only rich soil for food, but it also provides a plentiful amount of fish. Aside from the Nile providing the Egyptians with food, the Nile also makes a great natural barrier against enemies. This came in handy when the Egyptians were ever under attack by other territories.