What Is the Most Efficient Way to Plan Routes?


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The most efficient way to plan routes is to visit an online route-planning site such as MapQuest.com, DrivingRoutePlanner.com or Driving-Distances.com. Enter a starting point, destination and stops along the route into the planning tool, and let the software plan the most effective route. MapQuest can optimize a route that covers up to 26 different locations; Driving Route Planner can manage up to 25 addresses, while Driving-Distances.com offers the best route between two locations.

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To plan a route using MapQuest route planner, enter start and end addresses and click Add Another Stop to add stops along the route one at a time. Choose whether to optimize the route by the shortest time or shortest distance, and check Allow MapQuest to Re-order Stops On Your Route. Click Get Directions to view a map of the route and step-by-step directions for each stage of the route along with mileage and travel times.

To use Driving Route Planner to plan a route, enter start and end addresses, enter addresses for each stop, confirm addresses and add stop duration, select Best under Route in the table summarizing the route, and view the final route on the map. Click Driving Directions above the map to view directions for each stage of the trip along with mileage and trip time. Driving Route Planner also offers a Speedy Route planning tool to calculate routes with more than 25 stops.

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