What Are Some Easy-to-Use Maps of East Prussia and Germany?


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Britannica.com and PrussianPoland.com provide users with several maps that detail the geographical and political boundaries of the region. East Prussia is a former territory that is no longer located on the map, its previous positions absorbed by Germany and other surrounding countries.

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East Prussia is a former German province that has Baltic origins, and the territory was first named Prussia after the original inhabitants were destroyed by the Teutonic Knights order. The Teutonic Order governed Prussia for the vast majority of its early history, and major political events in the region gave rise to East Prussia as its own territory. This section of land acted on its own accord until the years between 1829 and 1878, where the province was connected with West Prussia in order to form a central Prussian country.

After the Treaty of Versailles following the conclusion of World War I, the Prussian empire was divided again, and West Prussia was granted to Poland, while East Prussia became a part of Weimar Germany. The Memel Territory in the region was later annexed by Lithuania several years later. During the events of World War II, East Prussia was largely unaffected by the fighting until the very conclusion of the war, when the East Prussian Offensive devastated the region.

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