What Is the Dominican Republic's Famous Landmark?

One of the most famous attractions in the Dominican Republic is El Limon, a waterfall located in a mountainous region just outside of Samana. The waterfall is 120 feet high, according to Ministerio de Turismo de República Dominicana, the country's tourism bureau.

Visitors to El Limon encounter tropical flowers and cocoa plants on their way to see the waterfall. Some travelers even ride to the waterfall on horseback.

Alcázar De Colón is another famous landmark in the Dominican Republic. This is the home where the son of Christopher Columbus lived. Travelers also visit Basílica de la Santísima Cruz de El Seibo, a church just a short distance from Central El Seibo, Carlos Goico's house in downtown Santo Domingo and the National Pantheon, which is the burial site for some of the country's most famous citizens.