Where Is Doha?

doha Credit: Midhat Mujkic/Moment/Getty Images

Doha is located along the Persian Gulf coast in the country of Qatar. Doha is the capital and largest city of Qatar. Doha had a population of 1.3 million people as of 2013 and was initially founded as Al-Bidda in 1825.

Doha has a total area of 51 square miles with a population density of 26,000 people per square mile as of 2013. Doha experiences a hot desert climate. Summer lasts from May to September, with an average high temperature surpassing 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Doha receives less than 1 inch of precipitation in the summer and a yearly average total of less than 3 inches. Winters are warm and pleasant, with the temperature typically staying above 45 degress Fahrenheit.