How Do You Get Discount Coupons for the Seattle Ferris Wheel?

As of 2015, the Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle's Ferris wheel, does not offer any coupons or discounts, states its official website. Instead, the company offers discounts by pricing its tickets by age group. Customers can choose to purchase tickets either online or at the ticket booth; some ticket types can only be purchased in person.

To view prices and purchase tickets to the Seattle Great Wheel, use the steps below. The Seattle Great Wheel does not offer discounts to members of the military, AARP or AAA and does not have any Web promotional codes available, as of 2015.

  1. Go to the company's website
  2. Go to the official website for the Seattle Great Wheel. Click on "FAQs" to find out more information on ticket prices.

  3. View the price list
  4. View the price list to determine the tickets needed for those planning to visit the Ferris wheel. As of 2015, ticket prices for customers 12 to 64 years old cost $13 plus tax while those 65 years old and older can purchase tickets for $11 plus tax. Ticket prices for children ages four to 11 cost $8.50 plus tax. Those interested in VIP tickets can purchase them for $50 plus tax. Children three years old and younger can ride the Seattle Great Wheel for free.

  5. Purchase tickets
  6. Click on "Purchase tickets" in the upper right of the screen to purchase tickets online. Those needing to purchase senior or children's tickets must do so at the ticket booth.