How Do You Find Directions to Local Train Stations?


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Travelers can find online directions to a local train station on MapQuest. Website visitors type the city name in a search bar. Mapquest then pulls up a map of the city, and by clicking the travel services button at the top of the map, travelers can locate local stations.

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Once the map identifies local stations within the defined search area, it then shows these stations as pinpoint icons on a map, and it also arranges the entries in a sidebar list. Visitors to Mapquest.com can either click on the individual pinpoint icons or on the entries on the sidebar for more information about a particular station. Clicking on a station pinpoint on the MapQuest map gives basic information, such as the railway line, address and phone number for the station. Additional buttons allow the viewer to map out directions to and from the station, search nearby areas or zoom in on the map.

The sidebar entries contain much of the same information as the pinpoint icons, and may also include links to station reviews. A More Info button accompanying each entry gives visitors a summarized page of information about features of the surrounding area, such as nearby hotels, restaurants and places of interest.

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