How Do You Get Directions to the Hollywood Sign?

How Do You Get Directions to the Hollywood Sign?, and offer detailed instructions for accessing the many vantage points and hiking trails closest to the Hollywood sign. According to, the sign is fenced off and visitors are prohibited from hiking to and touching the actual sign. Suggested routes for reaching the best viewing angles of the sign commonly agree that Beachwood Drive and Beachwood Canyon are the most advantageous approaches.

The Hollywood sign is enjoyed in a variety of ways. Many visitors hike to famous vantage points, such as the Mt. Hollywood Trail, Canyon Blvd Trail and the Cahuenga Peak Trail, in order of difficulty from least to most, according to Griffith Park, located slightly above the summit of Mt. Lee where the sign is housed, offers very close views of the sign's rear angle. The letters are mammoth in size, each one measuring approximately 45 feet high. From a close vantage point, it may be difficult to capture the entire sign in a single photograph.

The sign is easily viewed from the Hollywood & Highland Center Mall. provides instructions for navigating to an appropriate viewing angle from the rear patio located in the northeast corner of the mall. The shuttle service, provided by the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Griffith Observatory, that took passengers from the Greek Theater pickup point to the Griffith Observatory, has been discontinued, as of 2015, according to