How Do You Find Directions to a Courthouse?


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You can find directions to a courthouse by using an online mapping website such as Google Maps. Visit the Google Maps website and enter the address of the courthouse. Next, enter the starting address and click Enter. Google Maps provides directions on how to travel to the courthouse.

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Internet technology has made it simpler to find directions to a destination, such as a courthouse, when there is little to no information to start. Even if the address is not readily available, it can be found by entering the name of the courthouse into Google Maps or any other search website, including Yahoo, Bing or MapQuest.

Once the correct address is located, it is typically shown on a map on the website. The next step is to enter the address of the starting point to get directions to the courthouse. The map website links the two addresses and provides directions. Some websites offer numerous choices for mode of transportation; for example, via car, public transportation, walking or biking. Each trip plan comes with an approximate travel time. You can decide what time to leave or arrive and enter that information into the map website in order to plan the trip more precisely.

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