What Are the Different Types of World Maps?


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Some types of maps that are widely used are physical, political, mineral, blank and thematic maps. Types of thematic maps include desert, ocean, major mountain range, vegetation and earthquake maps. Maps are made using data projected over the geographic image of the Earth to show information.

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What Are the Different Types of World Maps?
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A map serves as a representation of geographical location, so a world map is the map of the entire Earth laid out for easy view. Common physical forms of world maps are globe maps and wall maps, which provide a better understanding of a location's positioning on Earth and show more details due to their larger potential size. Political maps can show the borders of cities, states, provinces and nations.

If there is a major piece of information common across the world, a map can display that information. Minerals, sports activity, exports, food consumption all find a place on world maps to provide general information.

Many types of world maps currently exist, and it is possible to create new maps with modern information. A common way to do this is to utilize demographic data, such as world Internet usage, or to show how often a specific website is visited by citizens of various countries or how Internet speeds vary around the world.

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