What Are the Different Types of Seats Available on a Delta Plane?

What Are the Different Types of Seats Available on a Delta Plane?

Types of seating available on Delta flights are Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort, First Class and Delta One. Seats vary in terms of size, amenities, order of boarding and the types of food served on board.

Basic Economy is the least expensive seating. It comes with a standard-sized seat, complimentary snacks and soft drinks, pillow and blanket when available and sleep kit and meal for international flights. Passengers are the last to board and have overhead access only when available. Seats are assigned after check-in, and no travel changes are allowed.

Passengers choosing Main Cabin seating may make travel changes and receive upgrades. They may choose from available seating before check-in. The seats are standard-sized, and boarding is by zone. The same type of food service is available as with Basic Economy.

Major perks for Delta Comfort seating are the ability to choose a seat upon purchasing a ticket, up to 4 inches more legroom, 50 percent more recline on international flights, complimentary earbuds and premium snacks. Free premium entertainment is included where available.

First class passengers enjoy 8 inches of extra legroom and additional width. They are among the first to board and deplane, and a pillow and blanket are provided.

The most elite seating, Delta One features 180-degree flatbed seats, premium boarding, complimentary noise-canceling headsets and selection of meals served with wine. In-seat power is available with each seat.