What Are Some Different Types of Bus Vacation Tours?

Some different bus vacation tours include the less-expensive Caravan tours., such as Costa Rica or the Grand Canyon or high-end vacation companies like Maupintour offering trips around Australia and England. Tours are often offered as packages that include sightseeing destinations and hotel accommodations.

Bus tours are a terrific way to explore a new city or tourist destination safely. Travelers can find tours available for the bare minimum budget or go all out.

  • Costa Rica Natural Paradise: Take a trip around Costa Rica with Caravan tours. Visit a coffee plantation, wildlife rescue center and Leatherback Turtle National Park.
  • Grand Canyon: Travelers can also rely on Caravan to take them to the Grand Canyon as well as getting a jeep ride through Monument Valley and stopping in at Montezuma Castle.
  • Nova Scotia: Those with a love of the cold seas may enjoy a Caravan trip around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, such as to do some whale watching or explore a quaint fishing village.
  • Australia and Tasmania: Maupintour offers travelers a chance to explore the land Down Under with stopovers in Sydney, Blue Mountain, Melbourne and Tasmania.
  • London and Paris: Maupintour makes sure that no trip to England is complete without a stopover in Paris via the Chunnel. Have afternoon tea at Harrod's one day and go visit the Louvre another day.
  • Ancient Egypt Tour: Travelers with a taste for history can tour Egypt with Maupintour. Have an Egyptologist guide through old Cairo and take a camel ride to the pyramids and the Sphinx.