What are some different flight trackers?


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Some highly rated flight trackers include FlightAware Flight Tracker, TripTracker, FlightTrack, GateGuru, FlightBoard and FlightView according to Conde Nast. With the exception of TripTracker, each of these is available for use on both iOS and Android. Most are also free to download and use, with the exceptions of FlightBoard and FlightTrack.

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What are some different flight trackers?
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FlightTrack and FlightBoard have a number of unique features. For example, FlightTrack can check delays, gates and cancellations in real-time, covering more than 3,000 airports, even when the user doesn't have an Internet connection. Updates in FlightTrack 5 included live route maps and satellite and weather radar imaging. The slightly cheaper FlightBoard also provides information on the arrivals and departures of more than 3,000 airports as well as 1,400 different airlines. The information is updated every 5 minutes, and the interface is clear and simple to use.

Another advanced flight tracker is Flightwise Tracker Pro for iOS. This app allows users to view the current position, destination and arrival time of all planes within the United States, along with details of each plane's flight history. It can also provide information on historical flights as far back as 2001.

Among the simpler, free options, TripTracker for iOS is one of the best, according to Conde Nast. It provides real-time updates on flight status, weather conditions and information on hotels and car rentals.

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